Rodney "Pee Wee" Jenkins



Date Of Birth: November 5, 1945
Place Of Birth: Seattle Washington


Jim played Joey's little friend on the show. Pee Wee always had a way of getting into something he shouldn't.

Jim went on to do many movies and guest appearances on TV shows. He later went to college to get his teaching credentials and became a High School English teacher. He has been teaching at the same High School since 1967. Jim has one older sister Sharon, who was one of the original Mousketeers.


Jim appeared in movies with some big name stars such as Bob Hope, Sophia Loren, and James Dean in the movie "Rebel Without A Cause" in which he played the little brother of Natalie Wood.





Movies TV

Dog's Best Friend, A (1960) .... Jimmy Thurman
(note: This movie was the only time Jimmy and Roger Mobley ever appeared together).

Black Orchid, The (1959) .... Ralph Bianco

Return of Dracula, The (1958) .... Mickey Mayberry
... aka Curse of Dracula, The (1958)
... aka Fantastic Disappearing Man, The (1958) (UK)

I'll Give My Life (1956) .... Jimmy Bradford

Rebel Without a Cause (1955) .... Beau

"Fury" (1955) TV Series .... Pee Wee Jenkins
... aka "Brave Stallion" (1955-1958) (USA: syndication title)

Seven Little Foys, The (1955) .... Eddie Foy Jr.

To Hell And Back (1955).......Audie Murphey's younger brother

There's No Business Like Show Business (1954) (uncredited) .... Steve At Age 6




TV Guest Apearances

The Travels Of Jamie McPheters (1963)

"Lassie" (1954) "The Hermit"

"Twilight Zone, The" (1959) playing "Boy" in episode: "Changing of the Guard, The" (episode # 3.37) 1/1/1962

"Lawman" (1958)..Joey Buckner in episode "9:05 To North Platte" (episode #1.49) 12/6/1959

"Maverick" (1957) in episode: "Royal Four-Flush" (episode # 3.2) 9/20/1959

"Lawman" (1958)..as Bobby Gibbons in episode "The Bandit" (episode #1.35) 5/21/1959

Restless Gun (1957) in episode: "Multiply One Boy"

"Zane Grey Theater" (1956) in episode: "Return to Nowhere" (episode # 1.10) 12/7/1956

All Star Theater (1956) "The Lilac Bush"

Matinee Theater.....(10 episodes)

Have Gun Will Travel




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