"Joey Clark-Newton"



Date Of Birth: 23 August 1943

Born: Robert Leroy Diamond

Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA


Bobby Diamond best known for his role as "Joey" on the TV series "Fury." The story of an orphan boy who befriends a wild stallion. Bobby later went on to do guest appearances on other TV shows while still a young boy and had a couple of other roles in TV series. He attended U.S. Grant High School, in Van Nuys, CA. 1964

He has appeared in several movies throughout the 50's and 60's.

Bobby has two sons from a previous marriage to Tara Parker.

His interest in law came when he needed to get a student deferment to avoid the Viet Nam draft. He is an Undergraduate of the  University  of San Fernando Valley, CA.,  and attained his law degree at the University  of LaVerne College San Fernando Valley in  Woodland Hills CA.  He was admitted to the California Bar on January 5, 1972  where he  practices  Civil and Criminal Law.

Bob told me that a few years back they roasted Peter Graves, and he was invited to attend. Said he really enjoyed it, and it had been a long time since he had seen Peter.

On Oct. 21, 2000 Bob was one of the honoree's at Iverson's Ranch, where he left his signature, hand and bootprints in the courtyard.




Bobby Diamond Television and Movie Credits

I want to thank Bobby Diamond for giving me this compilation of his career credits listed here



As a Child

The Rebel - co-star (1961)

The Loretta Young Show - co-star "The Bad Apple" (1957)

Code 3 - co-star (1957)

Father Knows Best- Featured role

The Dennis Day Show - Featured role


Motion Pictures

"Vaquero" - Featured role (1953)

"Americano" - Featured role (1955)

"Man With A Gun" - Featured role (1958)




Starring Role On TV Series

"Dobie Gillis" - co-star as a series regular

"Nannette Fabray Show" under contract co-star (1961) (Buddy)

"Fury" starred for 5 years (1955-1960)



As A Teenager

Family Films (5 times) co-star

Day In Court - Featured role

Mr. Novak (4 times) Featured role - co-star

My Three Sons - Featured role

Day In Court - co-star

The Lieutenant - Featured role

Wagon Train - co-star "The Suitors"

Twilight Zone - "Praise Of Pip" (episode # 5.1) 9/27/1963

Human Comedy - Pilot for MGM co-star

Wagon Train - co-star "Dick Jarvis Story, The" (1960)

Wagon Train "Melanie Craig Story" (1964)

Pete And Gladys - co-star "Lover Go Away"


From the movie Airborne


Feature Films

"Airborne" - Starring role (1962)




As A Young Adult

Banyon - co-star (1972)

Emergency +4 Regular voice on cartoon series (1973)

Smith Family - Featured role (1971)

My Three Sons - Featured role

Family Films (4 times) co-star

Medical Center - Featured role

"Silent Gun" - ABC TV-Movie - Featured role (1969) (Eddie)

Bill Cosby Show - "Real Cool" co-star (1970)

"Mightor" - "The Savage Street" co-star (1967-1969) (Thor)

"Lassie" (3 times) co-star

FBI Story - Featured role (1974)

My Three Sons - Featured role

Patty Duke Show - (2 times) co-star (1966)

Mr. Ed - (2 times) co-star

Red Skelton Show - Featured role


Motion Pictures

"Billie" Patty Duke - co-star (1965)

Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker - Featured role


1984, 1985,1986, 18 + episodes of Divorce Court



Compiled from research


Movies And TV Series

Scream (1982/I)....Rod
... aka Outing, The (1985)

Silent Gun, The (1969) (TV) .... Eddie

"Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor"
(1967) TV Series .... Tor

(1965) .... Eddie Davis

"Dunky"Gillis (1962-1963)
"A Splinter Off The Old Block" , (episode #117) (Nov. 7, 1962)
"Flow Gently, Sweet Money", (episode #119) (Oct. 17, 1962)
"Like,Hi, Explosives", (episode #120) (Sept 26, 1962)
"The Iceman Goeth", (episode #122) (Sept 19, 1962)
"What Did William Tell?", (episode #128) (April 16, 1963)
"Three Million Coins In A Fountain", (episode #130) (Sept 5, 1962)


"Westinghouse Playhouse" (1961) TV Series .... Buddy
... aka "Nanette Fabray Show, The" (1961)
... aka "Westinghouse Playhouse Starring Nanette Fabray and Wendell Corey" (1961)
... aka "Yes, Yes Nanette" (1961) (syndication title)

Kodak Presents Disneyland '59 (1959) as himself

"Fury" (1955) TV Series .... Joey Clark Newton

To Hell And Back (1955)....no name given

"Untamed" (5/11/55)

It's a Dog's Life (1955)

That's Bobby on the left. He had
a whole 30 second part in the movie


Untamed (1955) .... One of Maria's children

The Lady Wants Mink (1953) Melvin Potts

Silver Whip, The (1953) .... Jody

Young Man with Ideas (1953) (uncredited) .... Willis Gilpin




 TV Guest Appearances

"Lassie" (1954) as "Eddie" in episode Winged Victory (episode#13.28) (4/14/67)

The Fugitive (1963) as "Ollie" in episode: "The Savage Street," (episode # 4.24) (3/14/67)

"Patty Duke Show" (1966)....Louie

"Andy Griffith Show, The" (1960) as "Evan Hendricks" in episode: "Aunt Bea's Invisible Beau" (episode # 5.27) 3/29/1965

"Mr. Ed" ( 1961) as "Chuck" in episode: "Don't Skin That Bear" (episode 140)


"Mr. Ed ( 1961) as "Steve" in episode:  "Ed Acquires A Rival--A Motorcycle" (episode 141)


"Lassie" (1954) as "Johnny" In the Midst of Splendor" (episode
Lassie and Ranger Corey Stuart travel to Inyo National Forest to learn what ancient bristlecone pines tell about weather trends. Reckless cyclists who threaten Lassie and the research party interrupt their peaceful respite



"Lassie" (1954) as "Doug Austin" In "The Tinderbox" (episode 11.27) (3/21/65)

"Wagon Train" (1957) in episode: "Melanie Craig Story, The" (episode # 7.22) 2/17/1964

"Twilight Zone, The" (1959) as "Adult Pip Phillips" in episode: "In Praise of Pip" (episode # 5.1) 9/27/1963

"Wagon Train" (1957) in episode: "Dick Jarvis Story, The" (episode # 3.32) 5/18/1960




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