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Rin Tin Tin appeared on the TV waves in October of 1954. 
The story about a boy and his dog. Rusty was the only survivor of an Indian raid on his wagon train.

Rust was adopted by the by the troops of Fort Apache in Arizona.

The show went on to last  till 1959. I remember watching this show on Saturday mornings. It originally aired on ABC. 

The Cast

Joe Sawyer was a veteran actor, who appeared in numerous films from the late 1920's until the 60's. 

He was born Joseph Sauers on Aug. 29, 1906, and Died  April 21, 1982 of liver cancer.

SGT "Biff" O'Harrah And Rinty

For information on Rin Tin Tin, please visit the official Rin Tin Tin website. 

Rin Tin Tin Official Site

Rin Tin Tin


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