After Roger's time on Fury and doing other movies, he was taken in by Walt Disney to play the role of a copy boy a named"Gallegher," which was set in the Gay 90's. Roger was even re-united with his former co-actor from the series Fury, Peter Graves in an episode of "Gallegher Goes West." Roger told me he wished he had done a better job with the show, but as we all know, he couldn't have done it better. While Roger was working as Gallegher, he also appeared in the movie Emil and the Detectives, as Gustav, leader of a gang of boys who help Emil find his stolen money. Another Disney movie Roger appeared in was "For the Love of Willadean," which co-starred Michael McGreevey, in 1964. In 1968 Roger starred in "TheTreasure of San Bosco Reef," another Wonderful World of Color movie,which co-starred James Daly, Nehemiah Persoff, and Antony Alda.



Roger Mobley as





Gallegher's Boss

Jefferson Crowley
played by

Edmond O'Brien






Played by

Harvey Korman





Gallegher's Creator

Richard Harding Davis

Gallegher was adapted from the book by Richard Harding Davis. A writer and journalist who was born in Philadelphia and educated at Lehigh and Johns Hopkins universities. He began as a reporter in Philadelphia and in 1890 he was managing editor of Harper's Weekly. He served as war correspondent for the London Times and the New York Herald during the Greco-Turkish (1897), Spanish-American (1898), South African (1899-1902), and Russo-Japanese (1904-5) wars; and he represented the New York Tribune in Mexico in 1914. During World War I he was correspondent with the French and British armies in Serbia. Among his most popular writings are Gallegher and Other Stories (1891), Soldiers of Fortune (1897), The Bar Sinister (1903), The Man Who Could Not Lose (1911); the plays Ranson's Folly (1904), The Dictator (1904), and Miss Civilization (1906);




Episode Guide



Gallegher , Boy Reporter Part 1

50 minutes
Gallegher, a newspaper copyboy who want to be a reporter, helps solve a bank robbery.
Stars : Roger Mobley, Edmond O'Brien, Harvey Korman, Ray Teal,  and Bryan Russell.

Gallegher , Boy Reporter Part 2

50 minutes
Gallegher suspects the chief of police has been framed.
Stars : Roger Mobley, Edmond O'Brien and Jack Warden

Gallegher , Boy Reporter Part 3

50 minutes
Gallegher discovers a notorious criminal is lurking around town.
Stars : Roger Mobley, Edmond O'Brien.


Gallagher Goes West: Showdown with the Sundown Kid

1 hour
On the stage west, Gallagher befriends a man who turns out to be a famous outlaw, The Sundown Kid. Stars Roger Mobley, Peter Graves as Marshal Frank Neimeyer and Dennis Weaver as The Sundown Kid.

Gallegher Goes West: Crusading Reporter

50 minutes
Gallegher suspects the mayor of Brimstone is a crook.
Stars : Roger Mobley, Peter Graves as Marshal Frank Neimeyer and Bruce Dern as Tuck .

Gallegher Goes West: Tragedy on the Trail

50 minutes
Gallegher suspects that a rancher is being framed for murder.
Stars : Roger Mobley and John McIntire with guests Judge James McManus: Walter Sande. Joe Carlson: Bill Williams. Laura "Laurie" Carlson: Darlene Carr. Mrs. Carlson: Beverly Garland. George Moran: Ron Hayes. Mr. Barlow: Harry Townes. Mr. Hatfield: Joe Maross. John Prentice: Don Keefer

Gallegher Goes West: Trial by Terror

50 minutes
Gallegher uncovers evidence that proves a rancher accused of murder is really being framed.


The Mystery Of Edward Sims Part 1

The Killigrews, a family of Cornish immigrants arrives in Brimstone, having left England after buying land outside town from a man named Edward Sims.
Stars : Jason Gore: John Dehner. Darcy Killigrew: Stacey Maxwell. William Killigrew: David Watson. Ephrem Killigrew: John McLiam. Eldon Kane: Michael Strong. John Blythe: Warren Oates. Mr. Parker: Wesley Lau. Woman at Burton Ridge Land Office: Ellen Corby.


Part 2

Gallegher is still determined to find out the identity of Edward Sims.
Jason Gore: Roger Mobely, Jason Gore : John Dehner. Darcy Killigrew: Stacey Maxwell. William Killigrew: David Watson. Ephrem Killigrew: John McLiam. Henry Petterson: Byron Foulger. Della Martin: Jeanne Cooper. John Blythe: Warren Oates.









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