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In 1958 Screen Gems added to the Saturday 
lineup with the story of Casey Jones













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Brief Star Biography's

Alan Hale Jr. went on to be the skipper on Gilligans Island, an actor in numerous movies and TV guest spots, Hale passed away on January 2, 1990.

Bobby Clark acted in almost a dozen movies and appeared as a guest on such TV series as Gunsmoke, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Perry Mason and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Eddie Waller started out in Vaudeville before hitting the Hollywood scene in 1936, and starred in over 170 movies, appearing with such greats as Tim Holt and Allan "Rocky" Lane." He also had numerous TV guest spots such as, Lassie, Laramie, Broken Arrow, Wagon Train, Adventures Of Jim Bowie, Empire and Man Without A Gun. Waller passed away on August 20, 1977.

Dubb Taylor one of the more famous faces of Hollywood appeared in over 140 movies and over 56 TV shows. Most notable appearances where, Bonanza, Little House On The Prairie, Gunsmoke and as Daddy Jones on Designing Women , and movies such as Back To The Future Part III, Bandalero, Shakiest Gun In The West, No Time For Sergeants and Cannon Ball Run II. Dubb passed away on October 3, 1994.

Pat Hogan was in over 2 dozen movies, always playing the Indian. He appeared in several TV guest spots such as, Daniel Boone, The Rifleman, Zorro, Broken Arrow, and Gunsmoke. One of the movies he appeared in was the 1960 Elvis movie Flaming Star.

Mary Lawrence (Alice Jones) appeared in  a  little over a dozen movies, and appeared on such TV series as Love That Bob, Leave it to Beaver and Northwest passage.  Mary passed away on Sept. 24, 1991.


Casey Jones Coloring Book



    Casey Jones episodes



Night Mail
Dutch Clock
Badge For Casey/
with Lee Van Cleef 

Satan's Wail
Way Station
Prison Train 

Run To Deadwood
Old Timer
Star Witness

Dangerous Hours 

Hard Luck Train
Lethal Journey (aka Nitro)

Treasures Of Sam Bass

Dark Rider
Layover At Jamestown
Black Box
Night Run
Girl In The Cab
Storm Warning
The Gunslinger (aka Outlaw Hero)

Death Rides The Tender
One Way Ticket
Silk Train
Mrs. Casey Jones (aka The Promotion)
Spurline To Danger
Iron Man (aka The Immigrants)
Presidential Itch
Fire Eater
Lost Train
Honeymoon Express
/with Russell Johnson (The Professor from Gilligans Island)



Photo's from an old  TV Listings Magazine, courtesy of Richard Farrell




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