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TV Pilots, Vol. 15: Inside Danny Baker (1963)/ The Brown Family (1952) VHS>
Mel Brooks penned "Inside Danny Baker," the story of a precocious son of a dentist who tries to earn money for a fishing boat by turning his ping pong table into a work of modern art; with Roger Mobley and New York Yankees pitcher Whitey Ford. And "The Brown Family" is a wacky all-American clan, including son Stanley (Billy Gray), who brings a dog home that doesn't like Mom's stew. 50 min.

The Comancheros (1961) VHS
A John Wayne action classic, featuring the Duke out to nab a gang of baddies trading guns and booze to the Indians. Stuart Whitman, Lee Marvin co-star. 107 min.

Jack The Giant Killer (1962) VHS
Kerwin Mathews is the agile young swordsman Jack, hired by the king to escort the beautiful princess and protect her from an evil wizard and his allies. Great animated monsters by Jim Danforth mark this fantasy/adventure in the manner of the ``Sinbad'' films. With Judi Meredith, Torin Thatcher. 94 min.



Jimmy Baird Videos

The Black Orchid(1959) VHS
Lively romantic entanglements ensue when mob widow Sophia Loren falls for businessman Anthony Quinn, much to the dismay of both of their children. Quinn's daughter thinks she's trouble, while Loren's son (Jimmy Baird) is already following in father's footsteps, imprisoned on a state farm. Mark Richman and Ina Balin co-star; Martin Ritt directs. 95 min.

To Hell And Back(1955) VHS
The most decorated soldier of World War II, Audie Murphy, plays himself in this film biography of his exploits. A gritty, unflinching look at a reluctant hero, the war classic also stars Charles Drake, Marshall Thompson and David Janssen. 106 min.

Rebel Without A Cause(1955) VHS
James Dean became a national symbol for '50s teen angst with this powerful character study of an alienated young man who deals with rejection at school and inattentiveness from his parents by finding friendship with fellow outcasts Sal Mineo and Natalie Wood. With Jim Backus, Dennis Hopper; Nicholas Ray directs. Special edition includes the theatrical trailer, rare screen tests, and interviews from the "Warner Bros. Presents" TV series. 140 min. total.

The Return Of Dracula(1958) VHS
An effective low-budget horror film that follows the infamous vampire from Transylvania to contemporary Southern California, where he impersonates a visiting artist and moves in with a small-town family. Francis Lederer, Norma Eberhardt star. AKA: "The Curse of Dracula." 77 min.




Bobby Diamond Videos

Billie (1965) VHS
Fun family comedy starring Patty Duke as a high school track star who creates a furor when she tries out for the men's team and leaves the male athletes eating her dust. Jim Backus, Jane Greer, Billy DeWolfe, Warren Berlinger also star. 86 min.


Peter Graves Video's

The Rise And Fall Of The Soviet Union VHS
An in-depth documentary chronicling the history of the U.S.S.R., from the dramatic events that inspired the Russian Revolution through the Communist regime up to its final demise. Includes footage of Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and others. Peter Graves hosts. 124 min.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 6 VHS
The rescue attempt of an important scientist and his wife from behind the Iron Curtain is threatened by a mysterious assassin in the two-parter "The Bunker." Lee Meriwether guest stars.

The Eligible Bachelor VHS
London society is shocked when, on the day of her wedding to Lord St. Simon, American heiress Hatty Doran suddenly vanishes. What is the truth behind her disappearance, and why is Holmes troubled with nightmares that may keep him from looking into the case? 105 min.

Beneath The 12-Mile Reef (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 2 VHS
In "The Carriers," the IMF agents infiltrate a training center for enemy spies behind the Iron Curtain; George Takei guest stars. Next, a priceless art treasure must be retrieved from an unscrupulous dealer and returned to the country it was stolen from in "The Seal," with Darren McGavin.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 3 VHS
Master-of-disguise Rollin Hand (Martin Landau) stages his most perilous impersonation in order to bring down America's deadliest crime syndicate in the two-part tale, "The Council."

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 4 VHS
The leader of an African revolutionary force and a fortune in stolen gold are the IMF's targets in "The Mercenaries," with Pernell Roberts. Then, Phelps must decide whether or not to make "The Exchange" when Cinnamon (Barbara Bain) is captured.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 5 VHS
In order to protect a double agent, the IMF squad plays an elaborate game of deceptions with an enemy investigator in "The Mind of Stefan Miklos," featuring Ed Asner. Martin Sheen guest stars in "Live Bait," in which the rescue of a captured American agent is complicated by an explosive booby trap.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 1 VHS
The series pilot finds original IMF team leader Dan Briggs (Steven Hill) leading the squad into a despot's Caribbean stronghold to disarm and recover two nuclear warheads. Next, Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) and company must stop "The Photographer," whose fashion background is a cover for an international spy ring, from unleashing a deadly virus.

Buck Rogers: Return Of The Fighting 69th VHS
A band of "over the hill" space jockeys aid Buck in defeating a gang of star villains.

Buck Rogers: A Blast For Buck VHS
Buck relives his past adventures to find a clue as to who threatens Earth's safety now.

King Arthur Was A Gentleman (1942) VHS
Interesting comic fantasy in which a British soldier in Africa uses his sword--which he believes to be King Arthur's Excalibur--to help save his friends from captivity. Arthur Askey, Evelyn Dall, Anne Shelton star. 99 min.

Spring In Park Lane (1949) VHS
Terrific English drawing room comedy about a young man unable to return to his well-to-do family who takes a job as a servant for a rich art patron. Amidst an array of eccentric guests and friends that frequent the art collector's mansion, the young man falls in love with his employer's niece. Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding and Tom Walls star. 91 min

Red Planet Mars (1952) VHS
Bizarre mix of '50s science fiction and anti-Communist melodrama stars Peter Graves as a scientist who intercepts messages from God supposedly originating from the fourth planet. The worldwide panic that results leads to a religious revival and revolution in Russia! With Andrea King, Herbert Berghof. 87 min.

Beneath The 12-Mile Reef [DVD] (1953) DVD
It's "Romeo and Juliet" among the risk-taking sponge divers of the Florida coast, with Richard Wagner and Terry Moore as the young lovers who come from rival diving families. Thrilling underwater scenes, including a battle with an octopus, highlight this drama. Gilbert Roland, Richard Boone, Peter Graves also star. 101 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Surround; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Beneath The 12-Mile Reef (1953) VHS
It's "Romeo and Juliet" among the risk-taking sponge divers of the Florida coast, with Richard Wagner and Terry Moore as the young lovers who come from rival diving families. Thrilling underwater scenes, including a battle with an octopus, highlight this drama. Gilbert Roland, Richard Boone, Peter Graves also star. 101 min.

Where's Raymond? (1953) VHS
In the 1953-54 TV season, everybody loved Ray Bolger as a song-and-dance man who always made curtain time just in the nick of time in this music-filled ABC sitcom. Two episodes are featured here; with Allyn Joslyn, Richard Erdman. 60 min.

Stalag 17 (1953) VHS
Billy Wilder's acerbic, harrowing blend of comedy and drama, depicting the life of Allied POWs in a German prison camp. William Holden, Otto Preminger, Robert Strauss, Peter Graves and Harvey Lembeck star. 120 min.

Lilacs In The Spring (1954) VHS
World War II entertainer Anna Neagle is injured during an air raid and dreams about which of her two suitors she should marry. Her dreams become fantasies, with her playing courtesan Neil Gwynn, a young Queen Victoria and her own mother. Errol Flynn is the song-and-dance man who marries her mother. With David Farrar, Peter Graves and a young Sean Connery in a bit part. This is the color version. AKA: "Let's Make Up." 93 min.

Killers From Space (1954) VHS
Peter Graves is Earth's only hope against an invasion of malevolent aliens in this early sci-fi shocker. Steve Pendleton, Barbara Bestar co-star. 71 min.

The Night Of The Hunter (1955) VHS
Harrowing suspense classic of two children on the run from their psychotic religious fanatic stepfather, who murdered their mother in a search for money stolen from him by their father. Robert Mitchum is the spellbinding "preacher" with "LOVE" and "HATE" tattooed on his knuckles; also stars Lillian Gish, Shelley Winters, Peter Graves. Charles Laughton's only directorial effort. 93 min.

The Long Gray Line (1955) VHS
John Ford helmed this moving true-life story that plays like a West Point-flavored "Goodbye, Mr. Chips." Tyrone Power stars as Marty Maher, an Irish immigrant who comes to the Point as a kitchen worker and becomes an athletic director and father figure to 50 years of cadets. Maureen O'Hara plays Power's wife; with Ward Bond, Donald Crisp, Robert Francis. 138 min.

The Beginning Of The End (1957) VHS
Eegad! Radiation produces gigantic, flesh-craving grasshoppers that overrun Chicago. Can reporter Peggie Castle and scientist Peter Graves stop the critters before they swarm all over the Loop? Drive-in sci-fi fave, courtesy of director Bert I. Gordon ("The Amazing Colossal Man"). 73 min.

The Wrong Box (1966) VHS
A top-notch British cast, including Ralph Richardson, John Mills, Michael Caine, Peter Sellers, Dudley Moore and Peter Cook, is featured in this superb comedy about a bunch of loony characters who scramble for an inheritance and turn everything into a hilarious shambles! 105 min.

Texas Across The River (1966) VHS
A western spiked with laughs starring Dean Martin as a gun-smuggler and Joey Bishop as his trusted Indian companion who team with expatriate Spanish nobleman Alain Delon on a wild adventure through Apache territory. Rosemary Forsyth and Peter Graves also star. 101

I'll Never Forget What's 'is Name (1967) VHS
Wicked satire of corporate politics and advertising stars Oliver Reed as a dissatisfied director of TV commercials who quits his job and leaves his unhappy marriage to return to the small literary magazine he once wrote for. Orson Welles plays Reed's former boss, who stops at nothing to get him back behind the camera. Carol White, Frank Finlay and Marianne Faithfull also star. Includes the original theatrical trailer. 99 min.

The Adventurers (1970) VHS
Lavish drama from the popular Harold Robbins novel details the escapades (and sexcapades) of the playboy son of a Latin America ambassador who returns to his country to even the score with the dictator who raped and murdered his mother. With Bekim Fehmiu, Candice Bergen, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Aznavour, Olivia de Havilland and Jaclyn Smith. 177 min.

The Magic Christian (1970) VHS
Wicked British satire stars Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr as the world's richest man, Sir Guy Grand, and his adopted son. Together, they set out to prove the inherent greed of Mankind. Music by Badfinger and Paul McCartney. The cast includes Christopher Lee, Spike Milligan, Raquel Welch and Yul Brynner in drag, singing "Mad About the Boy." 93 min.

Paul And Michelle (1974) VHS
The continuing story of the teenage couple from "Friends" finds them older and confronted with new problems, from Paul's graduating prep school and their young daughter to Michelle taking a lover. With Anicee Alvina, Sean Bury and Keir Dullea. 102 min.

Where Have All The People Gone? (1974) VHS
A strange chain reaction has decimated Earth's population, and among the survivors one family must fight for survival against looters and a mysterious virus. Gripping sci-fi story stars Peter Graves, Verna Bloom, Kathleen Quinlan. 78 min.

Scream Of The Wolf (1974) VHS
Dan Curtis of "Dark Shadows" fame directed this creeper about a legendary hunter who comes out of retirement to find a wolf that may also be turning into human form. Clint Walker, Peter Graves and Jo Ann Pflug star; Richard Matheson scripted. 78 min

The Rebels (1979) VHS
The Kent Family Chronicles of John Jakes continue in this sequel to "The Bastard," as Philip Kent (Andrew Stevens) fights for American independence while at last confronting his father, the Duke of Kentland, face-to-face. Don Johnson, Doug McClure, Richard Basehart, Kim Cattrall and Tanya Tucker star. 180 min.

Airplane! (1980) VHS
The plot of the 1957 thriller "Zero Hour" had more gags than can be counted attached to it, and the result is the funniest flight ever. The Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker team's hilarious spoof of "Airport"-style disaster films stars Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Leslie Nielsen, Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Stephen Stucker as Johnny. 88 min.

Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) VHS
More fabulous fun with the flight crew that can't keep a good laugh down. Take off into outer space for a second helping of zany sight gags with stars Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Peter Graves, William Shatner and Sonny Bono. 85 min.

Savannah Smiles (1982) VHS
Old-fashioned comedic lark about a young girl who runs away from her rich inattentive parents and falls right into the hands of a pair of escaped cons, who expect to collect a $100,000 ransom...but never expected to grow to love her. Stars Bridgette Andersen, Mark Miller and Donovan Scott. 104 min.

Aces Go Places III: Our Man From Bond Street (1984) VHS
A James Bond look-alike and Peter Graves are featured in director Tsui Hark's entry in the popular action-comedy series. Heroes King Kong (Sam Hui) and Baldy (Karl Maka) battle international spies and villains intent on stealing England's Crown Jewels. With Richard Kiel ("Jaws" from the 007 series) and an "Oddjob"-type character. AKA: "Mad Mission 3." 96 min. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Addams Family Values (1993) VHS
The creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky brood is back in a hilarious sequel that finds Gomez and Morticia welcoming Pubert, a new Addams, into the world; Uncle Fester getting hitched to a seductive, conniving nanny; and Wednesday and Pugsley disrupting a happy summer camp. Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd, Christina Ricci and Joan Cusack star. 94 min.

Fargo (1996) VHS
Joel and Ethan Coen's alternately hilarious and shocking "true crime" drama follows a shady Minneapolis car dealer's plan to have his wife kidnapped and then take part of the ransom from her wealthy father. When the crooks hired to abduct the woman wind up killing a state trooper and two witnesses along a rural Minnesota highway, the very pregnant local police chief begins her own investigation into the murders. Best Actress Oscar-winner Frances McDormand, William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi star. 98 min.

House On Haunted Hill (Spanish Subtitled Version) (1999) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

House On Haunted Hill (1999) VHS
In this effects-filled remake of the '50s William Castle thriller, eccentric amusement park owner Geoffrey Rush holds a bizarre birthday party for his wife in an abandoned mental asylum. Five guests are offered $1 million each if they survive a night in the supposedly haunted building, but some sinister forces are out to make sure no one collects. Taye Diggs, Peter Gallagher, Famke Janssen and Chris Kattan also star. 93 min.

These Old Broads(2001) VHS
Shirley MacLaine, Debbie Reynolds and Joan Collins star in this comedy, playing stars of a 1960s film that has become a sensation after being reissued in theaters. With help from MacLaine's son (Jonathan Silverman) and a top agent (Elizabeth Taylor), the actresses are reunited for a TV special, but their petty jealousies and romantic rivalries threaten to derail the project. Co-written by Carrie Fisher. 88 min.

Kalifornia(1993) VHS
A writer working on a book about serial killers and his photographer girlfriend hire a white-trash couple to drive them from Pittsburgh to California for a cross-country tour of famous murder sites, unaware that they're taking a dangerous ride with a parole-jumping murderer and his lover. Juliette Lewis, Brad Pitt, David Duchovny and Michelle Forbes star in this disturbing road movie.


William Fawcett


Dakota Incident(1956) VHS
Dale Robertson and Ward Bond star in this thrill-a-minute tale reminiscent of "Stagecoach." A diverse group of people battle Indians, bad weather and other problems on a stagecoach trek.

Gun Glory(1957) VHS
Powerful Western drama starring Stewart Granger as a former gunman who returns to his ranch after a three-year absence to find his wife has died and his son has turned against him. When a wicked cattle baron begins rerouting his herds through town, Granger wins the respect of the townspeople and his son when he tries to stop him. Rhonda Fleming and Steve Rowland co-star. 89 min.

Band Of Angels(1957) VHS
After she learns she is of African lineage, the penniless daughter of a once-prosperous Kentucky family (Yvonne De Carlo) is sold as a slave to New Orleans millionaire Clark Gable and soon becomes his mistress. When the Civil War erupts, Gable is threatened by former slave Sidney Poitier. With Rex Reason, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.; Raoul Walsh directs. 127 min.

The Return Of Dracula(1958) VHS
An effective low-budget horror film that follows the infamous vampire from Transylvania to contemporary Southern California, where he impersonates a visiting artist and moves in with a small-town family. Francis Lederer, Norma Eberhardt star. AKA: "The Curse of Dracula." 77 min.

Good Day For A Hanging(1958) VHS
Fine sagebrush drama starring Fred MacMurray as a sheriff whose capture of wanted criminal Robert Vaughn elicits an unexpected response from the townspeople: they rally to the young outlaw's defense and believe MacMurray's tactics are too tough. Maggie Hayes, James Drury and Joan Blackman also star. 85 min.

No Time For Sergeants(1958) VHS
Andy Griffith is hillbilly Army recruit Will Stockdale (a role he first played on Broadway and TV), whose well-meaning attempts to please his harried sergeant make for classic comedy. Murray Hamilton, Myron McCormick and, in an early role, Don Knotts, also star. 119 min.

The Music Man: Special Edition(1962) VHS
Robert Preston is Professor Harold Hill, sly salesman who cons the good folk of 1910s River City, Iowa, into forming a youth band so he can sell them instruments and then skip town...until he falls for lovely librarian Shirley Jones. The hit Meredith Wilson musical includes "76 Trombones," "Trouble," "Till There Was You" and "Shipoopi"; with Hermione Gingold, Paul Ford, Ronny Howard and Buddy Hackett. This restored collector's edition includes a special introduction by Jones, the documentary "Right Here in River City: The Making of The Music Man," and the original theatrical trailer. 177 min. total.

Gypsy(1962) VHS
Smash musical about the life of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. Natalie Wood plays the vaudeville singer-turned-burlesque star, with Rosalind Russell as her abrasive stage mother. The Stephen Sondheim-Jule Styne score includes such gems as "Everything's Coming Up Roses," "Small World" and "You Gotta Have a Gimmick." With Karl Malden, Ann Jillian. Special video version includes two outtake musical numbers, screen tests of original Broadway cast, and the theatrical trailer. 153 min.

King Rat(1965) VHS
George Segal plays a POW in a Japanese camp who uses his wits to outsmart the enemy--and fellow prisoners. Tom Courtenay, James Fox. 133 min.

Hostile Guns(1967) VHS
Rousing Western adventure with George Montgomery as a U.S. marshal piloting a batch of crooks to the hoosegow in a prison wagon. When the wagon is attacked, Montgomery enlists the help of the outlaws. Yvonne DeCarlo, Tab Hunter and Brian Donlevy co-star; cameos from Richard Arlen, Don Barry and other "B" cowpokes. 91 min.

Menace On The Mountain(1970) VHS
The menace is a villainous knot of Civil War deserters who seize the mountaintop home of a farmer who's gone off to war, leaving his teenage son behind to protect the family. Mitch Vogel, Pat Crowley, Albert Salmi star. 89 min.

The Longhorn(1951) VHS
Wild Bill Elliott is riding herd on Herefords that he's driving to mate with Texas Longhorns. Good idea? Sure sounds that way to a pack of rustlers who want to hijack that hamburger on the hoof! No bum steers with Phyllis Coates, Myron Healey. 70 min.

Check Your Guns(1948) VHS
Eddie Dean's got his hands full, trying to outlaw guns to bring peace to his varmint-riddled town... and trying to uncover a corrupt judge who's dispensing ammo to a passel of wrongdoing rannies! Roscoe Ates, Nancy Gates co-star. 55 min.

The Tioga Kid(1948) VHS
Eddie Dean takes dual roles here, playing a Texas Ranger out to nab a band of rustlers as well as one of the outlaws. Andy Parker and the Plainsmen provide the ``nighttime on the prairie'' music. 54 min.

Wild Country(1947) VHS
U.S. marshal Eddie Dean takes out after the dirty low-down I. Stanford Jolley, who's wanted for the murder of a sheriff and now has his gun-sights set on the dead man's daughter. Co-stars Roscoe Ates and Peggy Wynn. 57 min.

Pioneer Justice(1947) VHS
Lash La Rue handles his whip with incredible style and grace in this intense Western actioner that pits him against a crook who thinks he's a Napoleon of the Plains. Al St. John, Jennifer Holt also star. 55 min.

Blackbeard's Ghost(1968) VHS

When a group of crooks want to take over an island and turn it into a casino, kicking senior citizen Elsa Lanchester and friends out of their group home, track and field coach Dean Jones comes to the rescue. Using magical powers, he summons the ghost of legendary pirate Blackbeard (Peter Ustinov) from the grave to put a stop to the creeps' plans. It's a yo-ho-ho hilarious Disney yarn with great special effects and good cheer. With Suzanne Pleshette and Michael Conrad. 107 min.

Blackbeard's Ghost [DVD](1968) DVD
When a group of crooks want to take over an island and turn it into a casino, kicking senior citizen Elsa Lanchester and friends out of their group home, track and field coach Dean Jones comes to the rescue. Using magical powers, he summons the ghost of legendary pirate Blackbeard (Peter Ustinov) from the grave to put a stop to the creeps' plans. It's a yo-ho-ho hilarious Disney yarn with great special effects and good cheer. With Suzanne Pleshette and Michael Conrad. 107 min.

Batman And Robin(1949) VHS
The Caped Crusaders return to keep Gotham City safe in this bat-tastic chapterplay. Robert Lowery and John Duncan play the Dynamic Duo, who must capture a masked super-criminal known as the Wizard. With Lyle Talbot and Jane Adams as Vicki Vale. 15 episodes; 252 min.


Ann Robinson


War Of The Worlds(1953) VHS
H.G. Wells' timeless tale of a Martian invasion of Earth is vividly brought to the screen in this classic film. Gene Barry and Anne Robinson star as Mankind tries to defend itself against the Martians' incredible flying machines and death ray; produced by George Pal. 85 min.

Dragnet(1954) VHS
Feature film based on the classic TV police series has cops Jack Webb and Ben Alexander investigating a gang murder in their precise, laconic manner. Richard Boone, Ann Robinson co-star. 71 min.

Julie(1956) VHS
Widowed airline stewardess Doris Day thinks she's found happiness after marrying concert pianist Louis Jourdan. But could the obsessively jealous Jourdan have been her first husband's killer, and will Day be his next target? Fast-paced thriller, with an amazing climax on board a pilotless airplane, also stars Barry Sullivan, Frank Lovejoy. 97 min.

Imitation Of Life(1959) VHS
Producer Ross Hunter's lush remake of the 1934 meolodrama stars Lana Turner as an actress who puts her career ahead of daughter Sandra Dee. Juanita Moore plays Turner's black housekeeper, whose light-skinned daughter (Susan Kohner) leaves home to try and pass herself off as white. John Gavin, Robert Alda also star; Douglas Sirk directs. 124 min.

Attack From Mars(1988) VHS
The people watching monster movies in a 1950s theater get more than they bargained for when a vampire monster from Mars lands on Earth and begins preying on the audience in this rude, crude and outrageous spoof of vintage horror and sci-fi flicks. Robert Clarke ("The Hideous Sun Demon") and Ann Robinson ("War of the Worlds") star. AKA: "Midnight Movie Massacre."


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