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Updated : March 17, 2009 01:57 AM


These are changes that have been made to the site. The blue highlighted names are not links.





March 17: Added two new pictures to Roger Mobley's page.
These are pictures of Roger repelling off of a Windmill Turbine.
He now works on these for a living. Brave guy!




July 10: Added new picture to Roger Mobley's page




April 4: We have re-opened Broken Wheel Video. Fury videos will be available for a short time, so don't get left out, visit the store today! We have also added a new Forum. Register and get some threads going. If you have any suggestions for new topics, let us know.

August 28: Just added a comic book photo to Roger's page. It's from the movie "The Runaway. A lot of people believe "The Runaway was a Fury episode, but it's not.

Sept 24: Added photos of a cover shot Bobby Diamond did at 4 yrs old. See his page for the link. Thank you to the donator.

Oct  6: We had to change our forum due to excessive spamming from advertisers. If you belonged to the forum before, please re-sign up.

Oct 15: We will now be offering live streams of Fury episodes. Please check the Broken Wheel Ranch Theater often, or the forum for an announcement when the next one will be shown. We can only handle one person at a time watching, so please observe the online widget to see if anyone else is on the page at the time. Thank You.

Oct 20: Added new photo to the home page. I've had this slide for years, and the fading and detoriated condition of it made me not add it to the site. But after spending 8 hours today working with it and correcting the color balance, I think it's finally ready to be shown. It was a lot of work, but worth it. Hope you enjoy, and this is one I'm sure you haven't ever seen before. I believe it's a wrap party.




October 9:  We have opened the Broken Wheel Ranch Theater. On that page you will be able to view all the episodes we have to offer on that one page. We have brought back for the month of October "Halloween". It will continue to show through October, and then will be removed. Don't miss it.




Jan 1 : Happy New Year, and welcome to another year at The Broken Wheel Ranch.

Jan 27 : Roger has sent us another updated personal message, he's been pretty busy lately. You can read it at his website.

Jan 31 : We just acquired a new episode of "The Adventures Of Champion", called "Medicine Man Mystery". You can find it in Broken Wheel Video.

Feb 3 : Added a link to WRCW RADIO, our own radio station where we  play old time radio westerns such as Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Sky King, Wild Bill Hickock and more, check it out.
Added four updated episodes of Fury to Broken Wheel Video. These are great copies. I upgrade whenever possible.

May 6 : Updated Fury's TV and Movie Credits

July 9 : Added two new pictures to Casey Jones page.

July 23 : Added National Velvet game to webpage. Added  a Lobby Card to Lane Bradfords page.

July 26 : Added new "Featured Photo". Added the Fury Bingo Game photo to Memorabilia page 3.

August 31: Added photo of Fury Book by Lee Traver to memorabilia page 3.
Added two episodes of Branded to Broken Wheel Video. We are now excepting orders again.

Sept 13 : Added a Western Comic Book page. Also a new page for the new TV show Peacemakers. You can now view the intro to Champion on that webpage.

Oct 9 : The Halloween episode is now up, after much trying and failing to upload it due to our servers being down, it is ready to be viewed. We hope you enjoy it.

Oct 14 : Added William Fawcett's appearances on the Gene Autry Show, and Hopalong Cassidy to his page. 
Also note we have a new web forum, the other one has been disabled so you won't be able to post in there anymore.

Oct 17 : Added a new episodes of Fury that you can watch on Windows Media Player. The episodes are entitled "The Bounty Hunters", "Bad Medicine", and The Skin Divers. Hope you all enjoy them, and don't forget to discuss them in the Fury Forum.

Nov 10 : Added two episodes of Mr. Ed to Bobby Diamonds page. Includes TV capture stills.

Nov 16 : Added the Thanksgiving episode "Turkey Day". It will run for the rest of the month. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all. 
Coming next month the
Christmas episode of Fury, entitled "The Wayfarer".

























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